Tuesday, 29 December 2009

new items up on etsy - made using recycled silver, after seeing the amount of paper waste from christmas i have decided it is time to be more pro active with saving the planet!

i hope you all recycled your paper waste from chrismas!

above is a hanging swallow - suspended in mid air almost - free to fly as it wants! this can be replicated as earrings, the movement of the swallow really makes this a unique piece.

wing earrings featuring real turquoise gem stones, turquoise is a stone used in healing and is also considered a protective stone, it has been used for amulets for many years.
These earrings are available on etsy with or without the stones, or if you prefer a different stone just get in contact and i'll see what i can do!

Love is the key baby! Some charm earrings just for fun!

For the first time on etsy i am selling some items that i will make to order, :)

I am still donating 10% from each order to charity until just after new year, i have already raised a good amount for the two charities, and hope to double it by the end of this year!

Thanks to everyone who have supported me and from chaos comes beauty over the last year, this goes to one person in particular (you know who you are) and i look forward to seeing what the next year holds in store!

Best wishes for the new year!!


Friday, 11 December 2009

lightening bolt earrings now for sale on etsy

available in mirror or satin finish

i'm just about to embark on a new design - which will involve a hollow silver ball, which i will be making from scratch! wish me luck!


Monday, 23 November 2009

In the spirit of christmas and in memory of people who can't be with us at this time of year From Chaos Comes Beauty is donating 10% from every order taken over the christmas period to charity,

There are two choices of charity, Cancer Research or British Heart Foundation - the charity your money goes to is your choice - please state which one in the message to seller box at checkout on my etsy page once you have placed your order.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

attila design (etsy) makes some beautiful things....... i want the bedroom pictured below!!!!! unfortunately my bank balance does not agree with me!!!! i think i may be able to twist my lovely mans arm into helping me recreate it though ;)

christmas is coming ......... the orders are starting to roll in so you better get in quick if you want yours done in time!!!!!


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

............. from chaos comes beauty's forget me not necklace was featured as a favourite on website marmalade pink..........

Marmalade Pink is an independent businesses supporting socially conscious shopping. Well worth checking out ........ especially with christmas coming up :)


Thursday, 29 October 2009

as promised, the final photos from my first attempt at etching,
below is just after i had removed the stopper - prior to shaping and polishing,

i ended up leaving the ring in the acid bath for just over another hour, (4 hours in total) hoping the acid i had obtained would work quicker than the older one i had used.

although you can clearly see the letters i think i would etch a little deeper in future, as you need to allow room for filing a polishing, but generally i was pretty pleased with the finished result,

after the final polish i left some polish around the edges of the letters just to highlight the etching, through wear the etched areas should darken naturally, i thought this may be a more subtle finish than oxidising the ring

i think my next etching session may be this saturday - halloween, don't think i can resist seeing the neighbours faces if im in my halloween costume stirring a couldren of fuming acid tehehe!!!!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

.... i have moved!!!! finally! into a beautiful flat with windows i can open and a separate bedroom and living room, and best of all a bath!!!!! i love it ! i think i am keeping lush in business with their bathbombs at the moment tehehe, so i thought i'd share a pic of my makeshift workshop - in the middle of the living room,

there is a room being converted at the moment downstairs which will eventually be my workshop - lots of room for more tools, :)

i also had to share a picture of my mantle-piece, currently displaying some coca cola bottles designed by Matthew Williamson - one of my favourite designers,

.....maybe one day he will design a dress for me...........

above (and below) is a pendant i just finished, about to be my latest addition to my etsy shop, the stone is ruby in fuschite - unfortunately my photography skills have not improved so you can't quite pick up the vibrance of the stone.........

..... i have been struggling with another project recently, a friend asked for a ring to be made with the name of his shop on it - Ballyhoo .... I decided this was the perfect time to try chemical etching - little did i know how hard it was to get hold of nitric acid!!!!

I had to use nail varnish as a stopper so the whole ring didn't get eaten away, so it looks rather odd at the moment,

Below is the ring after 3 hours emmersed in nitric acid, the acid was about 20 years old and after 3 hours the results were minimal, however after ALOT of research i managed to get hold of some nitric acid of my own so tomorrow is 'take number 2' - if anyone walks past my flat tomorrow and sees me on my front doorstep adorned with gloved goggles and a mask now you know why!!

......... Hopefully this time i wont turn my hands black.......

i'll post some pictures of tomorrows results :) x

Sunday, 30 August 2009

....so, as previously mentioned i have been experimenting with some new materials, this is the initial result, silver cameo on lace and then wood.....

i like the chunkiness of it, although i'm wondering if a darker lace would have looked better hmm more playing around is required i think. Heres another of my cameo pieces, a pendant for a change instead of a broach...

dove pendant finished with rose quartz and quartz beads....

from chaos comes beauty now has a facebook page so go ahead and add it for regular updates and promotional offers...


Friday, 14 August 2009

alice in wonderland....

I cannot wait for the film, i wish i were out sooner!! I have always loved alice in wonderland so i thought christmas had come early when i spotted these alice in wonderland style charms on etsy,

i have been amusing myself making lots of charm necklaces lately - all of which are about to go up on my etsy page

I am also getting lots of orders for my cameo style pieces, the broaches are very popular and pictured below is my first attempt at a ring version, i was pleased with the outcome, not so pleased by how many saw blades i broke making it though !
I am currently experimenting with lace and wood, hoping to create an interesting backdrop for some oversized cameo pendants, watch this space to see if it works out !!!

I am moving in the next few weeks to a new flat, i'll have a room which is going to be my workshop, i am so excited to be able to finally set up my workspace how i like without room being an issue!

on another good note - I FOUND WALLY!!!!
I saw this from the place at the foot of my grave
i gave myself in awe to childish hope and promise.
the tomb it was dug by those whom you know and love and trust.
there's just enough room to put you in.

and you fear that you lust,
and you know what you love must be clean.
and you fear what you've seen,
what you've touched, what you've been.
and i'm touched.
I'm not naming anyone at all.

I'm soon to return,
there's soon to be fire in my veins again.
I'm almost home.
I'm almost ready.


Sunday, 17 May 2009

....anyone know??? i want to be out in the sun playing with my poi!!! :( (throwing toys out of my pram in ten, nine, eight.....)

i made some new additions to my etsy page yesterday for the first time in ages.....

this is my favourite...

i put it on an extra long chain so it sits nice and low, perfect for summer outfits, we wouldn't want jewellery that causes tan lines now would we!

another swallow necklace i know i know!!! i'm not a one trick pony it was a custom piece, i was really pleased with this necklace, it looks really elegant on,

i made a guitar pick necklace for a good friend of mine for his birthday, (happy unbirthday alex!) and i was so pleased with it i decided to add it to my etsy shop, obviously each one will be customised with the purchasers choice of script.

I am currently working on a cameo style pendant, this is as far as i have got so far, i am hunting for a gorgeous piece of wood to mount it on, i think it would be an interesting effect, i am also toying with the idea of using lace, in fact in the near future you may be seeing rather a lot of lace featured in my jewellery, exciting times!

I shall leave you with some pictures of fun times and new ventures....


Sunday, 10 May 2009

funky all the way home.......

..... anyone else heard Marmeduke duke's new album? it is amazing, the perfect tunes to bring summer in with - the kind that make you walk with a bounce.

So, I have just been updating my etsy page, getting that up and running again and i have also ventured onto ebay and have some necklaces for sale on there. I thought I might as well give it a go and see what happens.

I have only put up some 'forget me not' and 'love bird' necklaces at the moment as they have been really popular, but if they sell relatively well i will try putting more pieces on there. As well as lots of awesome nights out, time at stanstead psychic college and getting tattoo'd I have been busy making up my portfolio ready for me to bite the bullet and go into some shops to see if they will stock some of my pieces, eek i'm pretty much ready for it all i need is a few large vodkas first........

even more busy times coming up though so i'm having to be super efficient with my free time, i have glastonbury soon!!!!! then the day after i return from tat its off to turkey for 15 days, and following that budapest for a more cultural experience.

this is going to be a great summer, i can feel it in my bones ......


Monday, 23 March 2009

remember that girl........

...........who changed your world some time ago .............................

so, i'm back. The past few months have brought many changes for me, all good, but also pretty difficult too, i have achieved things which i didn't think i had it in me to do. I've kind of rediscovered myself , reconnected with things i thought i had lost, people i had neglected and i now see a world of possibilities where before i just saw nothing.

............its all good.................

i am in the process of moving again for the 3rd time in five months, i think this new place will keep me happy for a while. The best thing is there is room for my jewellery bench inside so i am expecting to be waaayyy more productive!!! I have so many ideas waiting to become a reality, this place also has a BATH!!!!!!!!!

these necklaces are versions of the original swallow 'forget me not' necklace i did a while back, i made more as i had some requests and they are actually some of my favourite pieces i have made.

this is my epic ring (epic as it was such a long project and its also so huge!) its oxidised silver with an amethyst set in the middle, its also known as a knuckle duster to some of my friends, it comes with a warning!!!!

and this is a dogtag i made for my puppy, yes it is silver but hey my puppy deserves only the best!!!!

i got tickets for my first ever festival this summer, im so excited!!!!!! then two days after i get back i'm off to a sunny getaway for 16 days,

:) xxx