Sunday, 17 May 2009

....anyone know??? i want to be out in the sun playing with my poi!!! :( (throwing toys out of my pram in ten, nine, eight.....)

i made some new additions to my etsy page yesterday for the first time in ages.....

this is my favourite...

i put it on an extra long chain so it sits nice and low, perfect for summer outfits, we wouldn't want jewellery that causes tan lines now would we!

another swallow necklace i know i know!!! i'm not a one trick pony it was a custom piece, i was really pleased with this necklace, it looks really elegant on,

i made a guitar pick necklace for a good friend of mine for his birthday, (happy unbirthday alex!) and i was so pleased with it i decided to add it to my etsy shop, obviously each one will be customised with the purchasers choice of script.

I am currently working on a cameo style pendant, this is as far as i have got so far, i am hunting for a gorgeous piece of wood to mount it on, i think it would be an interesting effect, i am also toying with the idea of using lace, in fact in the near future you may be seeing rather a lot of lace featured in my jewellery, exciting times!

I shall leave you with some pictures of fun times and new ventures....


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