Sunday, 30 August 2009, as previously mentioned i have been experimenting with some new materials, this is the initial result, silver cameo on lace and then wood.....

i like the chunkiness of it, although i'm wondering if a darker lace would have looked better hmm more playing around is required i think. Heres another of my cameo pieces, a pendant for a change instead of a broach...

dove pendant finished with rose quartz and quartz beads....

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Friday, 14 August 2009

alice in wonderland....

I cannot wait for the film, i wish i were out sooner!! I have always loved alice in wonderland so i thought christmas had come early when i spotted these alice in wonderland style charms on etsy,

i have been amusing myself making lots of charm necklaces lately - all of which are about to go up on my etsy page

I am also getting lots of orders for my cameo style pieces, the broaches are very popular and pictured below is my first attempt at a ring version, i was pleased with the outcome, not so pleased by how many saw blades i broke making it though !
I am currently experimenting with lace and wood, hoping to create an interesting backdrop for some oversized cameo pendants, watch this space to see if it works out !!!

I am moving in the next few weeks to a new flat, i'll have a room which is going to be my workshop, i am so excited to be able to finally set up my workspace how i like without room being an issue!

on another good note - I FOUND WALLY!!!!
I saw this from the place at the foot of my grave
i gave myself in awe to childish hope and promise.
the tomb it was dug by those whom you know and love and trust.
there's just enough room to put you in.

and you fear that you lust,
and you know what you love must be clean.
and you fear what you've seen,
what you've touched, what you've been.
and i'm touched.
I'm not naming anyone at all.

I'm soon to return,
there's soon to be fire in my veins again.
I'm almost home.
I'm almost ready.