Friday, 14 August 2009

alice in wonderland....

I cannot wait for the film, i wish i were out sooner!! I have always loved alice in wonderland so i thought christmas had come early when i spotted these alice in wonderland style charms on etsy,

i have been amusing myself making lots of charm necklaces lately - all of which are about to go up on my etsy page

I am also getting lots of orders for my cameo style pieces, the broaches are very popular and pictured below is my first attempt at a ring version, i was pleased with the outcome, not so pleased by how many saw blades i broke making it though !
I am currently experimenting with lace and wood, hoping to create an interesting backdrop for some oversized cameo pendants, watch this space to see if it works out !!!

I am moving in the next few weeks to a new flat, i'll have a room which is going to be my workshop, i am so excited to be able to finally set up my workspace how i like without room being an issue!

on another good note - I FOUND WALLY!!!!

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