Monday, 23 March 2009

remember that girl........

...........who changed your world some time ago .............................

so, i'm back. The past few months have brought many changes for me, all good, but also pretty difficult too, i have achieved things which i didn't think i had it in me to do. I've kind of rediscovered myself , reconnected with things i thought i had lost, people i had neglected and i now see a world of possibilities where before i just saw nothing.

............its all good.................

i am in the process of moving again for the 3rd time in five months, i think this new place will keep me happy for a while. The best thing is there is room for my jewellery bench inside so i am expecting to be waaayyy more productive!!! I have so many ideas waiting to become a reality, this place also has a BATH!!!!!!!!!

these necklaces are versions of the original swallow 'forget me not' necklace i did a while back, i made more as i had some requests and they are actually some of my favourite pieces i have made.

this is my epic ring (epic as it was such a long project and its also so huge!) its oxidised silver with an amethyst set in the middle, its also known as a knuckle duster to some of my friends, it comes with a warning!!!!

and this is a dogtag i made for my puppy, yes it is silver but hey my puppy deserves only the best!!!!

i got tickets for my first ever festival this summer, im so excited!!!!!! then two days after i get back i'm off to a sunny getaway for 16 days,

:) xxx

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