Thursday, 29 October 2009

as promised, the final photos from my first attempt at etching,
below is just after i had removed the stopper - prior to shaping and polishing,

i ended up leaving the ring in the acid bath for just over another hour, (4 hours in total) hoping the acid i had obtained would work quicker than the older one i had used.

although you can clearly see the letters i think i would etch a little deeper in future, as you need to allow room for filing a polishing, but generally i was pretty pleased with the finished result,

after the final polish i left some polish around the edges of the letters just to highlight the etching, through wear the etched areas should darken naturally, i thought this may be a more subtle finish than oxidising the ring

i think my next etching session may be this saturday - halloween, don't think i can resist seeing the neighbours faces if im in my halloween costume stirring a couldren of fuming acid tehehe!!!!

1 comment:

Chris said...

have you dipped other stuff in it, that burns? Like...woodlice? that'd be quite fun.

I'm coming over.