Wednesday, 17 September 2008

ok so i lied.......

.................i changed my mind about my new etsy listing for today,

i decided to go for the 'forget me not' necklace, i though this wednesday could do with some love adding to it, and this is my offering.

its a silver toned 'forget me not' pendant between two gorgeous swallows, with some beading to add a bit of prettiness. Its a romantic piece i see worn by a 1920's lady wearing in a cream chiffon and lace dress reading love poems sitting under a tree, thats how i picture it anyway.

My lightbox should arrive in the next two days so expect my pictures to magically turn professional!!!! (i wish!)

Remember my current giveaway, it is still running until 8th november - my birthday - easier for me to remember,

The winner will be randomly picked,

The prize will be a custom made piece specifically matching the details the winner gives me in their entree comment,

so, all you have to do is tell me the following in a comment below my blog.....

1, What are your favourite aspects of my jewellery and why (look at my etsy page for further help - )

2, if you win would you want earrings, a ring, a bracelet, a broach or a necklace. Please state sizes for rings.

Its as simple as that!

Good luck!


storybeader said...

hi choas - like the mystical quality of your jewelry, and am partial to silver.

Even though I am a jewelry artist, I only wear necklaces (bracelets get in the way, brooches can ruin clothes, and my earring holes ripped together on one side - that's another story!)

TheresaJ said...

Interesting idea for a contest. I love your decision maker earrings, as I have a thing for skeleton keys. So, I would be happy with that design if I were to win.

I think you have some really nice items in your shop in general though and would be happy with anything.

Heidi said...

I'm someone who will wear the same piece of jewelry almost everyday. Right now it's been a silver necklace I bought 2 years ago of a bird. I don't wear it everyday but I love jewelry with some iconic symbol that I attach to. I've never been a big ring, earring or bracelet wearer.

kim* said...

i love the forget me not charm

Remember When Creations said...

Hi - This is a beautiful piece that you have posted. It's very serene. I viewed your pieces & I love the level of detail that you put into your pieces. My favorite is the octopus piece - extremely realistic. This is my favorite attribute about your pieces - detail.


The Pretty Peacock said...

Your pictures are pretty darn good for no light box - and it WILL make a world of difference...they are somewhat magical :)

Nice idea for a contest, btw!