Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Generosity that killed the cat...........................

...................or was it curiosity???!!! hehehe read on to find out what im on about :)

My man and i made the joint decision to sacrifice our music channels for the channel mix that is playing the new series of miami ink, i think i regret it i miss just playing the rock channels super loud when i'm making pretty things, hmmm maybe i need to treat myself to a fancy mp3 player hehe.

So new items this week are this black and bronze octopus necklace, i have been having a bit of fun experimenting with different materials and come up with some pretty cool things,

this is a matching set or earrings with bracelet, they are made from oxidised sterling silver with electric blue stars, unfortunately you cant see the colour in this photo - i am still working on my photography set up.these are my favourite - charm earrings in black and bronze, one featuring stars and one featuring a decorative heart.

i am currently waiting for a lightbox to arrive so then i plan to replace all my picture on etsy with beautiful clear ones, this is why not all of my items have been listed yet - my poor photography just does not do them justice!the above piece was made for a veryvery good friend of mine - we call her 'special' - its a private joke!!!

Anyhow, finally i come to the interesting bit, I am starting a free giveaway, .........

It runs from now until 8th november - my birthday - easier for me to remember,

The winner will be randomly picked,

The prize will be a custom made piece specifically matching the details the winner gives me in their entree comment,

so, all you have to do is tell me the following in a comment below my blog.....

1, What are your favourite aspects of my jewellery and why (look at my etsy page for further help - http://fromchaoscomesbeauty.etsy.com )

2, if you win would you want earrings, a ring, a bracelet, a broach or a necklace. Please state sizes for rings.

Its as simple as that!

Good luck!



Kathy Martin Studio said...

I like the Silhouette ring. It is amazing. I also like the broken heart necklace. I think I like them both because I really like silver. =) These are really nice pieces!!!




AlisonWonderland said...

I like the variety in your shop, and how you have a few choice pieces instead of a bunch. The lost soul painting is really cute. If I was to win, I'd want a silver, tattoo-inspired sea creature (mermaid? maybe?) necklace, but the charm no bigger than 1 inch.

Bagladee said...

I love your unique and individual style, I haven't seen jewellry like it....my favourite would have to be the lightening bolt necklace. Fierce but delicate. So for me either a necklace or maybe a bracelet with some stars and lightening bolts....very rock chick.

p.s. added your blog to my list, thanks.

Tins and Treasures said...

Since I have to wear a lanyard to work, I don't wear necklaces very often, but I love bracelets. I really like your silver pieces.