Saturday, 25 September 2010


due to my constant stream of commissions i have had to be more efficient with my time,
producing my collections has taken the form of a factory line...
it saves an awful lot of time though!

finished pendants with different shades of enamel - when held up to the light they have a pretty stained glass window effect...

my new moo cards arrived!! im really pleased with the outcome..... now i just need to find some people to give them to!

below is my latest piece, an endless knot made from jade floating above a hand pierced lotus flower.
The Endless Knot symbolises the nature of reality where everything is interrelated, it has no beginning or end, it represents the infinite wisdom of the Buddha, and the union of compassion and wisdom. Also, it represents the illusory character of time, and long life as it is endless.
The jade aids in remembering dreams, helps in realization of potential. It helps provide confidence and self-sufficiency. In ancient times it was viewed as a sacred stone and aids in attaining a meditation state quickly and is a talisman of protection.
The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again. Untouched by the impurity, lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind. The lotus flower represents long life, health, honor and good luck.

I did some brainstorming with my man and he has given me some ideas of where to go with the lotus flowers.... expect to see more very soon!


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