Friday, 6 August 2010


....finally... IM BACK!
......after being snowed under with uni work for the beginning of the year and then catching up with commissions i finally have time to get my act together,

heres a peak at what i've been up to.......

a tango inspired brooch, it was later enameled so the lady's silhouette was red and the guy's black, i won't post a picture of this as the only picture of the final piece is rubbish! so i shall leave it to your imagination!

a cat lover friend of mine wanted a matching bracelet charm and pendant

in between all this my man and i ran away to marrakesh for a little while!!! :D

they really like their cheese!!!!

i made myself a souvenier inspired by a hand of fatima charm i found in the 'artisan ensemble' a pretty awesome little market for people to display their crafts

the hand of fatima is a symbol for protection in morrocco, i think the howlite beads sit pretty well with it

annndddd i had my first try at inlaying silver in wood.... it was for a gift for my man (x) as you can see below...

it was pretty tricky as i did not have a clue what i was doing but im pleased wit the results. The silver has been hand pierced to reveal a pattern representing the fibbonacci sequence and then enamelled green in the spaces, then inlayed into the wooden box.

i think thats everything, i post some more commissions that i have just finished soon, also ill be updating my etsy and folksy pages as they have been rather neglected of late, ill also be working on new collections for not just a label so keep posted :)


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