Thursday, 12 June 2008

your only as busy as you make yourself............. here are my latest bits of silver finery ;) the anklet is for a friend, i'm not overly big on hearts used in jewellery but i'm quite please with how this piece came out. Especially as it was my first attempt at anything this fiddily.

Its a silver anklet, my friend asked for a heart on it so i simply used some silver wire to create a clasp, this keeps the item as bulk free as possible as you dont want lots of dangly bits knocking around your ankle, would you??? I also attatched a safety chain just to make the piece more robust if thats the right word to use.

This is an extra thick silver band i made for a friend of my fiance, he wanted a simple chunky thumb ring that wouldn't make him look like he should be spending the evening at revenge in brighton if you catch my drift.

This is just another plain band i made for another friend, he also wanted a simple, plain silver band for his little finger.

Its so difficult to come across decent plain bands locally - maybe i'v found a niche in the market for myself.

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